414-424 Green Machines Air Sweepers

The Tennant Green Machines 400 Series Air Sweepers are easy to operate and allow any-time cleaning in public spaces

  • Sweep footpaths and other public spaces without disrupting patrons, employees or guests
  • Clean where other large city cleaning machines cannot - under planters, round benches, and in other hard-to-reach areas
  • Clean longer as the sweeper reduces broken glass, leaves and other litter to one third their original size

Key machine features of the Green Machines 400 Series Air Sweeper

  • Open sightlines and sweeper manoeuvrability allow effective cleaning round people and obstacles
  • Compacting waste to one third its original size reduces dump cycles and means more areas can be cleaned in less time
  • Travel mode has four-wheel drive stability, providing a safe, comfortable ride for the operator

Choose the ideal options to customise the Green Machines 400 Series Air Sweeper

  • Comfortable fold-and-stow seat converts a walk-behind model to a ride-on sweeper, improving operator comfort, productivity and versatility
  • 2.5 metre Wanderhose vacuums litter and debris in hard-to-reach spaces
  • Easy-mount cab provides enclosed operator protection and all-weather operation

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